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This morning was a typical Monday, which is set aside for administrative tasks.  It’s quite mundane and repetitive which can get boring but as I was paying the bills I was drawn to write about luck.  Is paying bills a lucky notion?

As I sat there writing checks and making sure they were paid on time I thought, this is really such a chore and it’s not something I really look forward to.  But then my mind started racing at the thought of actually being able to pay the bills.  How many others aren’t lucky enough to pay bills?  There are some that are financially secure with so much money available that maybe they don’t watch over their finances to one day wake up having cars repossessed or having home repossessed. Then there are others that just can’t seem to have enough funds to pay bills but it somehow always works out.  Would you represent luck with either one of these individuals?

I consider myself lucky every day!  We are not rich, we do not have an extravagant home or expensive vehicle’s but what we do have is a roof over our head and vehicles to drive plus a vision to turn thoughts into actions.  Sure our family has days when everything gets turned upside down and at the end of the day you ask yourself, how did it get this way?  If you stop to think about what has happened and truly ask yourself what can I learn from today’s events, you put yourself in a different mindset.

This is exactly what I did this morning while paying the bills.  I put myself in a different mindset by changing the way I think about the company bills.  As I paid each check I placed my hand over the check, closed my eyes and thought the following:

You can retrain your thought patterns to bring more luck into your life.  Take a moment to look around and take notice of what is already in your life.  Be thankful and grateful each day for what you already have and you will start to notice the luck that is presented to you.    Just as I had thought negatively about the mundane task of paying bills I turned it around to be a positive action.  This gave me great satisfaction even if it was for a few minutes.  These few minutes’ turn into hours and days once you change your thought patterns.

So right now as you read this, think of how lucky you are to be able to have a computer in front of you, to be able to see with your eyes to read, to be able to use your hands, or even lucky that you made it out of bed today.  This is how you can consider yourself lucky!  Not because you have tons of money in the bank but because you are actually here living and learning with each action!

Feng Shui Tip:

Did you know that your front entryway could actually bring luck knocking at your door?  When facing your front door from outside, what do you see?  Are there cobwebs, overgrown plants, dead plants, working light, or a doorbell?  Is it inviting or can you even see your front door?  What do you want to present to others or the universe?  Making adjustments to your front door is the first step to inviting luck into your life.  But you must also be in a mindset of welcoming this new energy into your home. Is your entry welcoming, inviting and present the type of message you would like to convey to the outside world? Question is, Are you inviting Luck into your home, office or life?

Kandi Phillips

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