A Mover and Shaker

Coming out into the World
“It’s not going to be easy in life!” This is exactly what Kandi was told early on as a child. A transplant from Indiana to Florida at the age of 7, Kandi learned to overcome many uphill challenges through her own life.  Her mother putting herself through college to become a Registered Nurse and a father that was diagnosed with Chrons disease early in life, being told he would not live past 30, now living into his 60’s. The family picking up and starting all over after three different house fires before she was the age of 10. In her early teens she was informed that her father wasn’t her biological father however, to Kandi she believes he was a monk from a previous lifetime, brought into her life to teach her compassion and patience, something she realized later in life. Not realizing at the time she was seeking love from the notion of not being wanted by a biological father, she became a teen mother at the age of 16. This turn of event in her life was a true blessing as it catapulted her to dig into the depths of who she was and where she wanted to go in life.

Kandi’s passions have evolved to become a mover and shaker turning the quote, “It’s not going to be easy in life” to an energetic motto, “Life is about blossoming intentions into action, continue to nurture the roots and watch it grow, spreading out into the world”, Kandi Phillips. Her endeavors through life, listed below, start from present intentions and endeavors to current and past work. Her progressions in life have brought her to her present abilities in Management, Marketing, Home Interiors & Design, Organizing and Feng Shui, with an emphasis of bringing balance to the environment, whether it’s through the home, office, built, or nature.

Current Intentions
Currently, Kandi Phillips is studying to receive a Real Estate License in the state’s of Arkansas and Florida. She’s currently traveling and working between both states, including the management of her property in Florida. She can’t give out all the of her juicy intentions right now however she is expanding her already existing talents into new and exciting ventures.

Real Estate Agent – In 2015 Kandi became a licensed Arkansas Realtor­® while living in Arkansas from 2013-2015. In 2016, Kandi became a licensed Florida Realtor® currently working for Keller Williams in Naples, FL. “I love SW Florida and all it has to offer! The beaches are amazing with their white sand, shells and low surf makes it easy for swimming in the ocean. The multi-cultural people of the area makes for many different social events, opening the minds to many of how we can all live together in harmony.” Please stop by my real estate website and search for a home, condo, apartment, duplex or rentals.

Property Management – Since June 2013 Kandi has successfully managed her personal property located in Vero Beach, FL. Due to a transfer out of state, Kandi and her husband, David Phillips, decided to rent their home as a vacation rental, giving it 6 months. With Kandi Phillips keen abilities in the marketing area of her talented skills she was able to book the home for the year and into the year of 2017. A great success with days of putting on her creative cap and digging into the marketing arena of her capabilities. Visit the rental site and booking website on HomeAway, both created and promoted by Kandi Phillips. Reviews

Sustainable Engineering & Design – Kandi Phillips is the co-founder of Sustainable Engineering & Design, founded in 2008. The companies vision is to, “Create communities with zero landfill status, create sustainable infrastructure to support everyday way of life, and begin taking the next step to restore our natural resources for future generations.” Visioneering” and creation was the brain power behind this endeavor by Kandi and her husband, David Phillips P.E., to help create and build upon new avenues of sustainable building. Both husband and wife having a passion for sustainable infrastructure, they helped initiate a United States Green Building Council, (USGBC) branch on the Treasure Coast of Florida via the South Florida Chapter. Giving of volunteer time to break the groundwork for the Treasure Coast was of great value to their love of the environment.
Visit Sustainable Engineering & Design, created and promoted by Kandi Phillips.

Awaken Your Space® – Kandi Phillips founded Awaken Your Space in 2004, from her passion for Interior Design, Space Planning and Feng Shui. Her vision goes beyond the needs for interior design or the need to become organized….. Kandi truly listens to her clients, not just the wants but the deep impeding needs of their desires. You will find that a consultation isn’t just about you, it’s about the occupants of the home, including teens and children. She digs deep into the personality traits of the occupants to create a home or office of balance, a place of tranquility while also creating areas that attract social interactions. A simple plan of organizing action, selection of colors, placement of furnishings is placed into action to benefit the home or office occupants life endeavors.
Visit Awaken Your Space®, created and promoted by Kandi Phillips.

Through various avenues such as presentations, live talk shows, home shows and expos, Kandi Phillips has shared her passion of creating a space of balance within a home or office. Continuing this passion she created the Live Your Intention™ workshops and books expanding upon how our inner passions can be ignited by tapping into our daily surroundings and give new spark to the occupants ventures.

Fruitful Past
Faux Effects International Inc. – Comptroller of Faux Effects, overseeing all financials including but not limited to; financial statements, general ledger, budgeting, accounts payable and receivable, and payroll. Management of administrative, sales, art school, and graphics departments. Collaborated with sales department to increase distributorships throughout the United States and Internationally. Through team building, company advanced from a “mom/pop” standard to a billion dollar internationally recognized company. Participating in the various classes through the Faux Effects workshops, Kandi Phillips advanced her skills in the world of Faux, giving her a deep appreciation for the faux finishing and decorative painting products.

Harris Cotherman Jones Price and Associates – Although Kandi Phillips was schooled in Business and Accounting, this is where she truly developed her skills in the real world of accounting and learning how various business structures are developed. Kandi setup and organized the firms paper flow systems and accounting system. Helping oversee the Treasurer of the Indian River County Supervisor of Elections and Tax Collector campaigns.

Cater Furniture – Furniture floor plan designer and furniture sales. Responsible for the management of office personnel. This is where Kandi Phillips developed her love for furniture and space planning.

East Side Imports – By the age of 17, Kandi Phillips was an Assistant Manager at one of the nations largest eastern importers. This is where she began her management skills and passion for interior furnishings.


Kandi Phillips spoke at the Art of Living Green event and presented Carter Oosterhouse of HGTV.


Kandi Phillips is passionate about harmonious living environments.

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