Are We Human Antenna’s

This is the big question that has scientist’s conducting experiments that are generating some pretty conclusive evidence that we actually do act as big antenna’s.   This could answer why you feel the presence of another from behind or the phone rings and it’s the person you were thinking about.  So if this is in fact truth, then what are we really capable of doing or even creating with our minds?  This is truly fascinating but let’s practice this thought for a moment.  Sit back and close your eyes and think of yourself as an antenna, meditate on this, for example you are your cell phone or even the tower that your cell phone receives radio waves from.  Ok, maybe this is a stretch for some, but try it out just tell your co-worker or family member that you are relaxing or meditating a bit.  Quiet the mind and be open to whatever information is received.  Is it something that serves you for positive energy?  If not, let it pass much like being in a library and passing books that are not of current interest.  Now, take a moment to send out loving energy to the everyone you want the energy of peace and harmony to everyone and everything.

Kandi Phillips

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