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Tap Into Your Creative Energies

So what are your creative energies? Recall a moment when you were given a piece of paper in art class and then asked to draw a picture. Did you sit there staring at that blank piece of paper or did you draw and color the most amazing picture that you could not wait to show mom and dad? If you’re a left brained individual maybe it’s harder for you to expand upon your creative energies. Take out a piece of paper now and draw a picture. Was this hard for you? What type of picture did you draw? Ask a child to help you be creative and you will color, play a game, or visualize yourself through a book.

Each of us has a creative flair to share with others, an expression of self with an array of rainbow colors. Ok, maybe I sound like I’m tripping but honestly you do have creativity within yourself. For example, my daughter has recently told me that her mind is filled with so much to say about natural products and how she is bursting at the seams to share with others. I told her to start writing about her thoughts, “but mom I’m not creative with writing” is what I heard. Writing for 15 minutes a day is a form of creativity and will actually help your creative energies flow.

How does one tap into that creative expressionistic side of self? This may be tough for someone who has dominance toward the left side of the brain, which is logical, prefers structured assignments, and enjoys copying or tracing pictures and filling in the details. Try something new or out of the ordinary instead of the same mundane tasks that fill your day.

  • Go for a walk in the park and pay attention to the elements that surround you. Bring binoculars along to watch the birds.
  • Ride your bike or sign up for a kayak or canoe excursion.
  • Pull out crayons and coloring book or partake in a local art class.
  • We all have family photos of some sort just waiting for creative flair. You can easily create a scrapbook with just a few photos or create a digital version online with the photos stored on your computer.
  • Break out the music and dance. Yes, dance in the middle of the living room like nobody’s watching. Take this a step further and take a dance class.
  • Volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters where you can change a young persons life as well as your own.
  • Fly a kite! Be a kid again!

This all sounds good but is your living environment encouraging your creative flair? Invite creativity into your life by surrounding yourself with design elements that are reminders of creative expression. This could be in your home, office, or your car. Visualizing a walk in the park or flying a kite seems like fun but if your looking at a computer all day this can fade away your thoughts of fun and creativity. Here are a few examples of items you could include:

  • A plant with pastel flowers placed in an area where you can see them each day will encourage your time in the great outdoors.
  • Collage of pictures or words cut from magazines or created from scrapbook materials.
  • If you would like to write, keep a journal close by and write in it each day for 15 minutes.
  • Hang a piece of artwork related to the creativity you would like to draw upon. Ex: Painting for the painter or pottery for the potter within you.
  • When you think of creativity, think of a rainbow. Use multi colored containers at your desk or in your car for your belongings. Place a jar of marbles or crayon box near your work area.
  • Want to be a creative cook? Make a wind chime out of old silverware to hang in your kitchen window.
  • Want to kick up your heels and learn how to dance? Incorporate a statue of a couple dancing or a picture of people dancing.
  • Maybe you hold a vision of tinkering around with an old car, cruising down the highway on a motorcycle, learning how to fly a plane, or just maybe you like trains. Place a picture or a statue of this where you can see it each day. Better yet, add this to your creative collage.

We all have hopes, dreams, aspirations, or intentions but these are just thoughts floating around like those little bubbles in a comic strip. By not bringing your visualizations into full vision and action you cannot truly see them through. Surround yourself with elements, pictures, writings, and people that help build upon your creative energies to bring your visualizations into reality.

Kandi Phillips

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