Relationships – Struggle vs Support

When you look at each word struggle and support what do you feel?  When I look at struggle I picture two people in a tug of war match.  When I look at support I picture a person with extensions of people that work together to create harmony within their lives.  It’s interesting to hear what others may say when they think about these two words but they are opposites that are needed to create a balance. Huh?  Think of yin and yang.  Yin is slow, down to earth soft in nature but yang is fast, moving beyond earth and quite loud in nature.  They are both needed to complement one another and help each other with support.

Oh too often I hear how couples are opposites that say they try to live together and then find that they are not in balance.  Is this really true? There must have been something that attracted you to that person.  Who would you be without this person?  Would you be different?  Would you be the person you were before the relationship? When we dig deep into the real reason that a relationship is not working we find that it has nothing to do with this person but instead with ourselves.

Do something special for yourself no matter if you’re in a relationship or single.  Loving yourself first and foremost will help support your struggles with other relationships.  By taking this time to romance yourself with the same loving support you’d give to another, you learn to open your heart to areas of support within your own life.

The relationship area of a home or room is the back right corner on the Bagua Map. Items to include in the relationship area of your home:

  • Artwork depicting romance or love
  • Pairing items such as candles, books, pictures of two happy people
  • Items from trips you took as a couple
  • Matching pink crystals
  • Silk bed sheets
  • Colors to use: light red, pink, fuchsia, and white
  • Affirmation from each of you printed on romantic paper in romantic frame

Kandi Phillips

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