From Trash to Treasure

We are so busy getting from one appointment to the next working as a mom or in corporate America.  It’s hard enough to keep up with the day-to-day schedules that are already stretched.  But suddenly we find our closets and garages busting with things that we have accumulated over time.  It would be easy to just pile everything in a big Uhaul and head for the local landfill.  Just the thought of this makes me cringe and think of how others may benefit from the items.  Or maybe there are some personal items that I may throw out without knowing unless I sift through them.

It was a bonding day with my daughter shopping for new clothes.  She always loves these types of days as she gets a few things while the big love for mom is some one on one time without all the distractions.  Plus to see her thought process of thriftiness feels my heart with joy.  As I arrive home I find that there is barely any room in the walk in closet nor are there any additional hangers.  Hum, I guess the universe is telling me that it’s time to clear out the clutter!  So as I start thumbing through all those clothes I find that I have not worn some for over a year and others, well just don’t fit any longer.  This is how I relate to my clients, which helps them to understand that just because I clear the clutter for others does not mean I don’t have clutter myself that needs clearing.

So off I went to our local resale store and thrift shop with bags of clothing.  I now receive the great satisfaction of others benefiting from the items as well as receiving a tax deduction for our tax return.  Yippee!

Kandi Phillips

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