How Healthy Is My Home?

What you see in a person’s physical surroundings is an extension of one’s life.  The shapes, colors, textures, number arrangement, and arrangement of furniture has a direct affect on our overall mental and emotional state.  This is a hard realization for most of us; however, with a few simple techniques, we can overcome the same habits that slow us down and affect our well-being.

Holding onto or gathering things has become a very common habit for all of us.  We find ourselves becoming prisoners within our own homes by objects that we have been programmed to hold on to, just in case someone else may need it. Unfortunately, by holding on to such objects this can cause deep psychological and emotional roots.  Broken items that have been stored with the possibility of one day fixing them can be a direct reflection of energy within our own life.   All of this is considered clutter that can drag us down and prevent us from moving forward to face new challenges.  Clutter has become an addiction in our society.

What does this have to do with our furniture?  Your furniture, cabinets, closets, and garages are holding areas for these objects that shift your energy level into a lower state.  The pathways that you have developed around your furniture may not be increasing your own energy field.  The energy field around your body is called your “aura” or “chi”.  We are constantly reconstructing our energy field without even being aware of it.  Take for example, when you walk into a room with very high ceilings for the first time, you automatically look up, this is your energy field or chi that is grounding itself.  Also, sitting directly in front of a flat mirror while working is uncomfortable because a flat mirror pushes energy outward.  When we come home or enter work each day and there are stacks of papers, sharp corners, wrong colors, or wrong shapes, our energy levels automatically decrease.

Our bodies are very wondrous in that they are in a constant state of repair from what our surroundings may be.  However, over time, our bodies do not repair as easily; this causes stress, pain, growths, and aging.  Yes, we all age, but living each day as a new beginning and surrounding ourselves with clutter free, functional environments that are in our higher good, will bring us more joy and energy.

Even a small start is a beginning, and sometimes changes in smaller doses help us to realize that we can let go of those items that are no longer giving us a feeling of higher energy.  Here are a few tips that can get you started today:

  • Clutter is determined in five seconds or less.
  • You can determine whether or not an item gives you more energy.
  • Don’t make your determination with your head but rather your heart and gut. This is called your intuition.
  • Ask yourself the question, “Does this object raise or lower my energy”?
    1. If you feel good or smile about it then it can stay.
    2. If you feel sad or broken then remove it.

We all want to remember past events and love to hold onto such objects that bring us to this past event.  Or we want to pass them on to our family members so that they may possibly have the same feeling.  If you do feel this way, then pass on the objects now.  If they do want to accept the piece, then you can watch them enjoy it just as you have.  However, don’t be hurt if they do not want to accept the item.  They may not feel the same way as you do about a piece.  This presents an opportunity of donating the item while giving you a tax deduction as well.

Maybe you need someone to help you through the process of creating a functional space that will enable you to live and work in a peaceful, non-chaotic environment.  There are simple techniques that can be put into place that is tailored to each individual or family.  This will provide structure, solutions, and systems to increase productivity and reduce overall stress.

Kandi Phillips

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