Hiring Realtor vs For Sale By Owner 2015 Facts

Here are some facts according to the “2015 Home Buyers and Sellers Profile”:

  • 89% of all homes sold in 2015 were sold with the assistance of a licensed Realtor
  • 8% of all homes sold in 2015 were sold as FSBO, steady decline from 14% in 2004
    • Let’s break down the 8% of FSBO even further:
      • 38% of all FSBO’s, that’s only 3% of total 2015 home sales, where owner sold to a friend, neighbor or family member
      • 62% of all FSBO’s, that’s only 5% of total 2015 home sales, where owner sold to someone they didn’t know
    • Time it took to sell a home was roughly the same for FSBO and licensed Realtor, that’s four weeks for both groups, a third were sold in less than two weeks.
      • Let’s break down the work involved by both groups:
        • Purchasing and creating yard signs
        • Paying and listing home or property on multiple websites
        • Spreading the news through word of mouth and placing classified ads
        • Keeping up with multiple social media outlets and creative content, including flyers and ad content
        • Hosting and advertising open houses, including print material and costs
        • Registering and paying extra for Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database
        • Receiving and following up on phone calls and emails
        • Pre-qualifying buyers, including having lists of buyers already on hand
      • Other facts
        • Median selling price for all FSBO homes was $210,000 for 2014
          • When buyer knew the seller of FSBO, the number plunged to $151,900
        • Median selling price for homes sold with assistance of agent was $249,000, almost $40,000 more
        • 69% of all real estate agents get paid by a percentage commission split between two agents, representing seller and buyer.
        • Homes not priced comparatively take longer to sale and less than market value

Sources: National Association of Realtors      http://www.realtor.org


Kandi Phillips


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