Spring Into Action

Oh the season of spring, just the sound brings a smile to my face.  This is by far my favorite season as well as the early morning of each day.  Something about the sense of a fresh new beginning just like a rainbow illuminating the sky after a rain shower.  No matter what the previous day has offered, the early morning sunrise creates warmth of a free new start.

What’s also great about spring is it’s another chance to look over those New Year’s resolutions to review what you have accomplished.  But some of us may have thought about what we wanted to accomplish but haven’t even started.  Well that’s ok, because each one of us has a chance to begin again just as the sun rises each day.  I too had a vision of losing a certain amount of weight but sit here thinking about excuses I could make but what’s the use, their only excuses that only hinder my thoughts.

Now what about that office?  My blog, “Let Go So You Can Grow” which discussed how you can associate the word, “Possibilities” with your office clutter and include words of encouragement or affirmations within the space to get you started.  What inspiring emails I received telling me how this association helped them get moving and in turn it has invited some financially prosperous situations into their lives.  You too can invite new energies within your own life just by clearing through a few items.  But how do you get started?

Well, it’s best to write out a plan of action just like you would write out your new year’s resolutions.  Plus you are more apt to follow through with a plan if it is in writing.  Think of it as a contract between you and your surrounding.  Now you may say, but I don’t even have time to write down a grocery list.  Well that’s an excuse and I’m here to tell you whatever energies you put into a venture will prosper into your life.  Kind of like starting a new business or making out that mundane grocery list, you would put many hours of unpaid time into research or the sheer fact of getting needed food so why not give your home or office the same time and effort.  Believe me, you will greatly prosper in many ways.

Start at your front door and write down what you see, what you would like to see, and then how can you make this vision a reality.  It can be something as small as changing your door knocker to something that reflects your passion or two potted plants with beautiful spring flowers to brighten your day.  What a perfect opportunity to plant a few flowers with Earth Day just around the corner.  Remember when you give to Mother Nature, the universe, or to others it will come back to you tenfold.  So make an appointment with your home or office, walk through the space and take notice of what you actually see and feel.  Because what you may have mentally blocked out over time may be hindering your current life choices. What? Really?

Let’s say you have a squeaky door, at first you will keep nagging yourself about fixing it until you suddenly just block it out.  But this is subconsciously flowing into your life as something that needs to be fixed.  So with this in mind, get your appointment book out now and make an appointment with your home or office!  Just one day can make a big impact on your future events.  Go ahead……… make your day!  Don’t let it make you!

Happy Earth Day!

Kandi Phillips

Awaken Your Space, LLC

Do you feel drained when you work on your computer?  Did you know that your computer, cell phone, telephone, radio towers, routers, TV’s and more are actually emitting harmful energies through your body?

Special thanks to the universe for the brilliantly colored beautiful birds just outside my window.  Chirping, ruffling their feathers, and helping me take notice of how nature has gifted us all.  Do your part this weekend for Earth Day.  Plant a tree, garden, or and show a child how to love the earth.  Remember we are only the keepers; Mother Nature can clean herself if needed.

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