Let Go So You Can Grow

As we start a new year we are faced with files or piles of paper that belong to the previous year’s energies.  Maybe you have already created new files within the office but for others this seems like such a chore to just look at the piles of paper.

How do we get past this feeling of classifying it as a chore?  Associate the word, “Possibilities” with your office files or piles of paper.  Every time you enter your office, look at the papers and think or say the word, “Possibilities”.  When you wake up in the morning take a few moments to physically picture yourself clearing through your “Possibilities” and enjoying your new clutter free environment.  Hold onto this picture within your mind while taking a deep breath.   Even if you do not physically move through this process that day, keep picturing your, “Possibilities” each day and you will make this a reality!

Here are a few affirmations or intentions that you can write out on a piece of paper and display within your office.  Place this possibility where you will see it throughout the day.

“My environment reflects me and supports my life.”

“Everything that surrounds me deserves a home.”

“Things I use and love surround me.”

“I let go of chaos and create room for things that help me grow!”

Kandi Phillips

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