Money Affirmations

  1. “Little by little, I am learning more about money, smart planning and investing.”
  2. “Just because I might have debt, does not make me a bad person.”
  3. “No matter how much money I have, I am making positive choices about what I do with it.”
  4. “I am learning to take more intelligent risks. I’m confident that sensible risk taking will help me build my financial future.”
  5. “I am choosing to make the time to take charge of my money.”
  6. “It’s not a bit selfish to take good care of myself financially. It’s self-respecting and self-caring, and ultimately makes my relationship with others richer and more satisfying.”
  7. “My loved ones enjoy, respect, and appreciate my financial knowledge, power, and success.”

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step!”

This is a wise Chinese proverb that contains the secret of success. Dream big! Dream thousand-mile dreams. Dare to set financial goals that will let you reach your dreams. Then break up these goals into bite-size pieces and commit to taking one step toward them every day (or at least every week).

Kandi Phillips

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