Feng Shui and Our Bodies

Our homes and offices are powerful life forces that can affect our everyday living.  The moment we enter a space we take notice of the height of the ceiling, the pathway in which to walk, and how we feel based upon what we see.  However, the occupants have entered the space so many times that they mentally become unaware of certain aspects such as something that is chipped or broken, walls that are not completely painted, furniture that needs repair, the table that seems to be the home for everything that comes in the door, or possibly an item that they have forgotten about due to storage clutter.  When we no longer give energy to a room, corner, or object we then place a mental block to what is there.  In turn, you are actually creating a block of energy within your body and life endeavors.

But how does one’s home or office relate to their bodies?  Well the Bagua, Feng Shui map, is broken down into 9 sections that are drawn or superimposed over a dwelling whether that may be for a home or office.  The front line consists of the Self Knowledge, Journey, and Helpful People and each section is given the term, sectors.  Each sector is related to certain aspects of the occupant’s life, body and the five elements; water, wood, fire, earth, and metal.  Each one of these elements plays a key role in how the energy of the space works to benefit a positive cycle.

The Journey sector is located at the front middle section of a home or space and is the energy of water.  Think of how babies are carried within the watery womb for nine weeks.  This is the beginning of a long journey back to the great wide expanse we call the universe.  Water is a very key element to everything thus without it we would not exist so it makes perfect sense that we are placed on a journey through water.  The areas within the body that relate to water or the Journey sector are ears, blood, and kidneys.  It’s also related to the act of being gentle and the second chakra that is located in the reproductive organs.

Self Knowledge is located in the front left of a space and governs earth energy.   The first thing we give outside energy to is through our hands by touching or picking up items.  However, currently we are only touching on what can be done through our hands.  For example, if you have ever had the opportunity to get or give Reiki then you can understand how powerful our hands can be without even touching a person.  Very cool stuff!  In order to read, research, or do just about anything we need the use of our hands.  They are what feeds our knowledge and helps us build just about anything for a solid foundation.  You can relate this area to the beginning stages of learning or continued learning throughout life.

The Family sector is located in the middle left portion of a home or space and is a wood energy.  Our feet, throat and buttocks are related to this area.  We go out into the world by standing on our own two feet just like a tree standing tall in the forest.  Our voices are heard which explains why our teen years are all about voicing opinions to parents and teachers.  Now the buttocks have me stumped but all I can think of is what happens to us mothers after having children, well our butts do seem to get wider.  So if you’re looking to work on this area of your body take notice of this sector for adjustments.  The act of kindness is related to this sector, which is what we could all learn with our families.  If you are having any issues with family life take the time to visit this area as this is one of the most important areas to look for support.  Our outside ventures are always based upon our upbringing and how we relate to our families.  It’s quite ok to voice your matters to your family but with kind words it works so much better.

Who wants to talk about Wealth?  I’m guessing everyone who’s reading this, as it seems to be the most asked about topic.  How can I increase my Wealth and Abundance? This sector is located at the back left area of a home or office.  It’s directly related to the hips and bones and is associated with the wood element.  It’s all about growth, which is what our bones are supposed to do.  The universe and our bodies want us to be wealthy and abundant, however the stress that we bring upon ourselves break down our bones and bring on diseases that we then have to manage.  If you think about it what is most likely to wear down, our bones.  With back pain being one of the most common health problems in the US it’s no wonder we are always subconsciously asking for help within this sector.  Take time out to do periodic stretching or better yet try Yoga or Qi-gong.  My own body reminds me to pull out the mat and sure enough my back feels wondrous again!

The Fame sector is located at the back middle of a space or office.  This sector is associated with the fire element.  We see the future unfolding with our eyes and feel great fire with our hearts.  The heart is the area associated with fire as it keeps our fires burning much like coal in a stove.  Without a healthy heart our fire grows dim.  We all have the burning desire to succeed at whatever we do to create the claim of fame.  Does fame mean you need to be a famous actor?  Of course not, it’s whatever you want to be great at whether it be the best parents or a fabulous gardener.  The act of joy is related to this sector so add a touch of laughter to this area.  Even the power of words through art can reflect this joy through a piece of wood art or wall art.  In my fame sector I have a piece of wood art with the word, laugh.  It reminds me to laugh no matter what!

The Marriage Relationship sector is located at the back right area of a space.  The element is earth and is connected to the abdomen and organs. So this may explain why we get that gut feeling and make first impressions upon meeting someone.  Our abdomens are the center of our support and when support is not there things seem to get confusing.  This holds true to a relationship as well such as if a partner is cheating, someone turns to outside support through food, drugs, or shopping.  However if the relationship is strong we have a solid foundation.  If you understand the term, meeting in the middle, you can relate to how the abdomen would relate to this sector.  If you get a change watch the movie, Why Did I Get Married?  Try the exercise at the end of the movie.

Creative Offspring is located in the middle right sector of the home or office.  The element associated with this sector is metal.  This is the creative aspect that draws upon our feminine energy.  The mouth, head, and lungs are associated with this sector.  This is where we tap into our creative energies whether it is for our income or just to have fun. If you feel you are unable to give your gifts to the world then take notice of what is stored here.  But remember you do not just need to look in this particular sector of your home as you can also break down the Bagua within a room by how it’s entered.  This sector holds the act of courage, which is why all of us should give our souls the courage to be creative.  If you want to give the gift of children to the world get creative with this sector or adjustments with your bed.  Oh la la….

The Helpful People area is located in the front right sector of a home or office. The element associated with this sector is metal and it’s all about our heads.  Yes, this is where we tap into our masculine energy and travel.  A sense of community is what we are looking for within the Helpful People sector.  As we grow older people tend to dissolve from our presence and this turns to isolation.  If you feel a sense of being stuck, this relates to going nowhere.  Going nowhere means no travels outside of the every day norm.  Pictures of far away travels are a wonderful adjustment item to use within this sector.  However, I have found that most garages fall into this area.  What do you store in your garage?  If it’s your car make sure it is clean and keep up with repairs.  Maybe you use this space for storage, however we all know what piles of clutter or stagnant energy does to our bodies.  So clean out that car and the garage!

The center of the home or office is the Health sector.  This is a very important sector as it revolves around everything else, which holds very true to everyday life.  The ancient Feng Shui masters truly planned every detail of how the energy around us reflects in our everyday lives.  This sector is an earth element and is related to the stomach and spleen.  Again, just as I discussed above how the abdomen is our center of support without this support everything else would be out of balance and quite confusing not only to our subconscious but also conscious mind.  Here is where we find the unity to our well-being and this is where we find the act of calmness.  Now this holds true to every room in our homes and how the center is kept up.  What is in the center of your space: stairs, bathroom, fireplace, electronics, etc.?  These are all items of energy that are affecting your well-being.  But don’t be alarmed as there are always adjustments that can be made to bring your space back into balance.

So maybe you have those monthly visits to a massage therapist or energy worker but until you take notice of the blocks of energy within your space you cannot truly enjoy the benefits.  Let’s take for example yin and yang.  They are both quite different in the way they affect us but they are also both needed to bring balance.  We all need areas of action and peace but without such areas we become out of balance. The spaces that we occupy our time are definite reflections of our bodies and emotional states so without applying techniques to both, you are only selling yourself short.

Kandi Phillips

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