Organizing Your Space

Did you know that January is National Get Organized Month?  Getting organized is also one of the top 5 New Year’s resolutions and is the perfect time to start taking control of the clutter but maybe you don’t know where to start.  By breaking down your organizing efforts in small quantities with a closet, cabinet or drawer this will make the task less overwhelming.  Start out by placing yourself in a mindset that you will purge what has not been used in the past year, does not serve your current needs, or is broken.  You can do this with meditation while actually visualizing yourself working through the space.

Sure there are books that you could read about getting organized, but reading and actually doing it are two different actions with the later meaning work to be done. While many of us get overwhelmed with just the thought of working through the space.  Who really wants to add another project to that ever ending to do list?  Call me crazy, but I love mapping out a plan of action and organizing spaces to bring balance back into others lives.

You could ask a friend or family member to help you get organized but are they really going to be honest with you about purging the clutter?   Professional Organizers will map out a plan of action that is tailor made for your needs and work through them with you.

What can you expect after Organizing?

  • You will know exactly what you have.
  • Your space will hold only those things that you love and use.
  • Everything will be where you need it.
  • The right containers mean stuff will have a home.
  • Your life will be free of blockage and free to flow with positive energy.
  • You will feel free, energized, and amazingly abundant.
  • Decrease stress of all kinds.
  • Increase creativity, productivity, time management, clarity and vision.

Take control of the chaos and learn how to use your space to support your own life’s endeavors. Organizing will awaken your space and the lives of those within the home or office. Organizing Consultations typically take 2 hours however it also depends upon the size of the space but they will save you much time and money in the end. You can relate this to mapping out a road trip for less stress and peace of mind knowing where you’re headed.

Everyone has some sort of clutter within a space but it’s being aware and taking action to take control of the clutter instead of letting it control you.  So for the months of January and February we are offering our Organizing Services at 50% off to help you make that New Year’s resolution of getting organized and taking control of your space.

Kandi Phillips

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