Mysterious Thing Called Dowsing

Throughout time, dowsing was often used to find water clear back to the time of cave drawings.  So, what is this mysterious thing called dowsing?  It is a method of detecting the energetic patterns around us that are unseen to the eye.  To relate to energetic patterns unseen to the eye, think of radio waves, which are invisible forms of electromagnetic radiation that varies in wavelength.  There is also our own energetic field, also known as your aura or chi, that detects others when they walk up behind us, you pick up the phone to hear the very person you were thinking about, or you turn to take notice of the feeling that someone was staring at you.  If you’re a mother, you can relate to that instance of knowing from a distance when your child was in need.  We all have the abilities to sense things around us but unless we can see, hear, touch, or smell these unseen energies, we typically do not believe it however through dowsing you are able to become more aware of your ability to sense the energy that surrounds you.  This does take some training of the subconscious much like how we learn how to type.  It takes practice to know the keystrokes without looking at the keyboard, but over time, you are able to type without looking at the keyboard.

Dowsing is most commonly used in detecting or finding water and was used by our forefathers in farming to find water for the livestock or gardens.  During the 15th century, the Germans used dowsing to find metals that then spread to England where miners worked in the coal mines.  During the Vietnam War, some United States Marines used dowsing to locate weapons and tunnels.  There are many different terms of dowsing such as; doodle bugging, divining, or water witching.  Besides finding water, they are also used to locate buried metals, gemstones, other objects, or the currents of earth radiation. There are many dowsing tools that include; dowsing rods, portable-dowsing rods, bobbing rods, pendulums, Y- or L-shaped twigs from specific trees, radiometers, or some dowsers use no tools at all.

How does one actually use dowsing rods?  Many dowsers today use a pair of L-shaped metal rods, and some use bent wire coat hangers.  A rod is held in each hand with the short part located at the hand and the long part pointing forward.  Some dowsers claim the best success are with rods made of brass or copper, which makes sense since these metals are used as conductors of electricity and heat.  When using dowsing rods for the first time, you must first determine which directions will indicate a “yes” or “no” response.  You may need to ground yourself and should do so upon using dowsing rods each time.  For instance, I close my eyes and picture myself walking barefoot on the beach or in the park connecting to the earth energy.  Once you feel this connection with earth, you can then ask, “What direction is yes?” or “What direction is no?”   Clear your mind, relax, and wait for the response just as you would wait for an answer when asking a question of the person next to you.  We go into a silence mode watching or listening without thinking or being aware of anything else, except for the response.  Why would someone’s yes and no response be different from another?  There are those of us that are either right handed or left handed or maybe within that small percentage of writing with both hands.  In turn, this does not mean your yes no responses are wrong or what some may say is negative. Upon finding your yes and no response you can then practice using your dowsing rods within your land or home by locating water, flame of a candle, sharp corner, electromagnetic fields, noxious zones, lay lines, metals, etc.  Since our bodies are very sensitive to water, this would be a great start in practicing with your dowsing capabilities.  However, did you realize you can determine not only where the water is located but the number of veins running to or from the water, depth, width, and the direction of the water flow?

Years ago, we decided to install a pool in our back yard; however, our water source is drawn from a water well and living in an older home we were not certain where the water well was located.  Being an engineer, my husband stated that we would need to hire someone to locate the well and worse case scenario abandon the existing well and install another.  Well you know what was running through my mind; let’s bring out the dowsing rods!  My husband is an open-minded engineer, but he does need facts before accepting something like the dowsing rods.  You can imagine how excited I was to be able to show him how to dowse for water.  Sure, he knew I used them and accepted this but never really believed the whole concept because well he is an engineer.  Please do not take this personal if you are an engineer as I have great respect for engineers, remember I’m married to one.  Now I have my engineer’s full attention; however, I was a little nervous because I knew this would be a great turning point for him.  Upon dowsing, I was brought to the middle of the yard, which was where one end of the pool would be located.  My husband then wanted to try out the dowsing rods for himself.  After a brief lesson in dowsing, he dowsed for the water well to be drawn to the same exact spot; however, he was not totally convinced yet.  He then called my father to ask if he could bring his metal detector over to confirm our findings.  Well you can imagine how ecstatic I was when they both agreed that the water well was located where we dowsed.  In turn, we modified the pool shape to make it two feet smaller.  When the pool installers were digging for the pool, they did hit a pipe that was coming from the water well and in fact it was located exactly where we had dowsed.  The pipe was easily rerouted but if we had kept with the first pool plan it would have been a costly disaster.  My husband was also thrilled at how much money we saved, but he now believed dowsing rods in fact do work.  He now uses portable dowsing rods to find water mains and force mains when there are no as built drawings of a job site.

Of course, dowsing takes practice just like it took practice for you to write with a pencil or ride a bike for the first time.  We are all genetically programmed to survive and sense the location of life-giving water so anyone can dowse but many have mental blocks due to religion, family, schooling, or daily negative thoughts.  Children learn very quickly and are very good because they don’t know or have not been told that they should or won’t work.  If you have never dowsed before or are unfamiliar with dowsing, then I recommend hiring someone that is familiar with dowsing, attend a seminar/workshop, or read step by step directions for hands on training.  Whichever you prefer, have fun with dowsing and welcome to the world of being aware of everything around you.

Kandi Phillips

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